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MARATHON (nutrition)

This installment is going to be about nutri... WAIT! I can't even spell that word without laughing a little! Those of you who know me well, know that nutrition really isn't my thing! I mean, one of my beliefs is there simply is NOT enough restaurants with tater tots on the menu, and I don't eat fruit, except for olives and peppers! So, I'm not going to pretend to be a nutritionist and tell you what to eat. I will, however, share a couple of things I learned while training for this marathon.

The first is a no brainer! YOU HAVE TO EAT! What I mean by that, is I think dieting while training for a marathon is not the best idea. Calories are energy, and when you're burning a few hundred every run, you have to replenish. Now, how you do so, is totally up to you, but try to do so within a couple of hours. The quicker you can get those carbs, fats and proteins back into your system, the quicker those fatigued muscles can recover! My method, a recovery drink like GU Brew Recovery that will absorb into those cells quickly, and then, for whatever reason, I crave a good burger, especially after a long run!