The Course: Not only will the course be significantly harder than previous races, it will be hot.
The 2019 course will be the same as the 2018 Course.  If you did not run last year, you might want to join us for the preview run. The race will start at the Lakeside Pavilion. After a short run along the park road to spread things out runners will head up the Red Bike Trail. Follow the bike trail up Mr. Toad but do not continue up Johnson Mountain where the trail crosses the paved road. Cut down the road for a few hundred yards and turn left on the BUMP trail. Run up BUMP past Blood Rock. Just above Blood Rock, turn right onto the Green/Red Connector Trail which cuts over to the Peavine Falls Road. Cross the gravel road at the gate on the Peavine Falls road and continue up to the Green Trail along the ridge. Turn right on the green trail for a few hundred yards to the Peavine Falls parking lot. Cross the lot angling to the right to the Peavine Falls Pavilion.  This will be the location of the aid station. Runners will then do a "Blood Rock Preview" over the next two miles. There will be a rope set on the east side of Peavine Creek for the descent to the bottom of the gorge. When you reach the creek you will find yourself well below the falls. If the water level is low, follow the creek staying on the rocks along the lower falls. Stay to the right side (east side) of the gorge. If water is high, use the trail higher up on the hill. Continue up the creek until signs direct you to cross to the left side of the creek and continue to the falls. Cross Peavine Creek beneath the falls going from the left side to the right side (east side) and climb out of the Peavine Falls Gorge on rocky and technical terrain. Use caution here. The trail is wide but a fall could be potentially fatal. (Just stay away from the edge!) When your reach the top of the falls, follow the creek to the foot bridge and cross over to the intersection with the White Trail and turn right. Follow the white trail a short distance to the Green/White connector. Take a sharp left up the G/W Connector on the short but steep climb to the ridge crest. Turn right on the Green Trail. Follow the Green Trail along the ridge, then down the northwest side of the ridge to the Red bike road. Cross the gravel road and continue down the hill staying on the Green Trail. Follow Green all the way to the bottom of the mountain and turn left on the Green/Yellow connector. Follow signs and flags back to the start/finish at Lakeside Pavilion. Use caution crossing Peavine Falls Road.

To be allowed to start, runners must have some type of hydration during the race. It can be hand held water bottles, a hydration belt or pack. This is a very demanding race and no matter how well conditioned you are, you will become dehydrated if you don't carry water. It is impossible to drink enough water at the aid stations. You will also need to take electrolytes during the race. Tailwind is a great option for hydration and staying fueled. It has it all. Start the race with a bottle of tailwind and refill with Tailwind at every aid station stop. Last years finish times in the 9 Mile ranged from 1.5 to over 3 hours. Double that for the 12 miles.

​First Place Male and Female winners in the 9 & 18 Mile will receive a Gift Certificate for a pair of Altra or Salomon Trail Running Shoes.

9 Mile and 18 Mile Winners:  Awards will be give to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall, Male and Female. 
Group Awards:  9 & 18 mile - 1st Place 14 and Under, 1st Place Masters 40 - 49, Grand Master 50 - 59 and Ultra Grand Master 60+ Male and Female.

Race Weekend Schedule

Friday, July 12 - 4:30 to 6:00 PM - Late Registration and Packet Pickup will be at Mountain High Outfitters Store on Hwy 280 in Cahaba Village. The store is adjacent to Whole Foods. The address is:  2800 Cahaba Village Plaza #250, Birmingham, AL 35243.
Here is a Google Maps link to the Mountain High Outfitters Store on Hwy 280 by Whole Foods.
Saturday July 13 - 6:15  to 7:15 AM - Late Registration and Packet Pickup at the Lakeside Pavilion on Double Oak Lake, behind the large parking lot at the end of Terrace Drive. Here is a Google Maps Link  from I-65 near I-459 to the Start at the Lakeside Pavilion 
Saturday, July 13 - 7:30 AM - Start of the 9 Mile and 18 Mile Race. The north gate doesn't open until 7:00 AM. You will need to enter at the south gate.
​Oak Mountain State Park charges $5 per person to enter the park. Please try to have exact change. Credit cards are not accepted.

Southeastern Trial Runs is sponsored by Tailwind Nutrition
Please go to their website and read about this product. Tailwind is the ideal drink for a race like the HNH. Tailwind contains all the electrolytes and carbs you will need to finish the race strong. Drink it like you would water. Drink some before the start and consume about 20 oz. per hour during the race, depending on your size. Follow this plan and you may be zapped at the end but you will finish strong.