In celebration of Red Mountain’s Member Month, BUTS is honored to host a Red Mountain members-only running event, I Like Ike. Ike Maston is the most challenging single-track trail at Red Mountain and measures approximately 3 miles from end to end. For this event, the 6-mile round trip counts as one “lap.” For I Like Ike, you’ll have six hours to run as many laps as possible. At the turn-around, a volunteer will mark your bib to show that you made it to the halfway point. When you make it back to the start line, you will mark your completion of the lap on a high tech poster board and decide whether or not to take on another lap. If you have not completed your final lap at the end of six hours, you don’t get partial credit.

A volunteer and aid station with Tailwind and gels (thank you, Trak Shak!) will be at each end. This is a cup-less event, so bring your own bottles, packs, or reusable cups! We will celebrate the champions with prizes unearthed from Red Mountain.

The purpose of this event is to reward Red Mountain members with an event just for them! Also, BUTS members like things that sound awful. If you are not a member but would like to run in this event, please consider joining Red Mountain and supporting this Birmingham treasure:

The start of the race is at the Hoist House. You will check in and receive your bib at the park entrance on Frankfurt Drive, then walk or slow jog the mile to the Hoist House (warm up!). You may check in at the entrance at 7 a.m. The event starts at 7:30.

Whether you want to run one lap or five, come join us for a fun day of suffering in the woods. Especially following Saturday’s Ridge to Blazing Ridge!